Action Energy Market serves various Buyer types. When you register to the service, you select the Buyer type you represent. 

Describe your energy need 

Buyers can request for offers to solve their energy problem. This is done by creating a unique offer request using a wizard tool. The Buyer's offer request is published in the Marketplace and sent automatically to providers with the right profile. 

Find solutions 

Providers that are registered to our service can add their unique energy solution in the solution bank. We help Buyers to find the right solutions with our wizard tool. To get in touch with a Provider you submit an offer request from the solution page.  

Project communication 

Energy project buying process often involves many people both from the Buyer side as well as interaction with the Provider. You can invite several people to your customer account, reach providers over our messaging platform and also learn from experiences of other Buyers.  


The Buyers can submit a financing request for the solution they have selected. A financing offer request can be initiated with one mouse click after receiving an offer. The financing offer request is relayed to Action Energy Finance Marketplace (AEFM) and directly delivered to registered Financing Providers. The AEFM is currently under development and will launch during Fall 2023.    

Access AEFM

Service Pricing

Registration to our service and viewing the solutions in the solution bank is free. If you want to publish or submit an offer request, you need to have an active subscription. 

Action Energy Market -platform monthly subscription can be paid with credit card. You can terminate your subscription at any time.