Action Energy Market (AEM) digitizes energy project offer and financing process and provides a solution bank of new energy solutions. Our aim is to help buyers, providers of new energy solutions and investors find each other. We operate one global marketplace and several local marketplaces. 

Helping Buyers to find Providers

1. Buyers have two options available to find suitable solutions: they can user a wizard to narrow down on available options from the solution bank OR they can generate their own offer request and have it published on the marketplace.
2. Providers add their solutions to the solution bank using a wizard . We cater for solutions in different stages (pilot, commercial) and geographic areas.
3. Buyers that choose to publish their own Offer Request (OR) are created a project page with the help of a wizard. The OR is published on the Marketplace and is also sent directly to those registered Providers that fit the OR profile. Providers can submit questions and their offer on the project page.  

Find Financing for your project

Buyers can create a Financing request for the chosen solution. The financing request is published on Action Energy Finance Market. 

Digital offer process and standardized offer format enables financing offers with low transaction costs. It also offers access to investors globally.  

We are using a separate platform for investor access, launch in early fall 2023. Contact us for more information.   

About us

Our team combines decades of energy sector experience with software expertise. Contact us directly if you want to partner, read more about our partnering needs here. Alternatively you can send us a message  via the website.