We have collected below the most often asked questions. 

Energy project is a project that aims to improve energy efficiency, fuel switch or other energy aspect in the building or industrial process. 

You add your solution using our wizard. Buyers find your solution either by browsing the solution bank categories or using buyer wizard. 

AEM global marketplace is geared for new energy solutions that are looking for Buyers globally. The global solution bank has energy solutions in various stages of development: Providers that are looking for piloting opportunities for new solutions and also Providers that are looking for Buyers to a very specific need, typically in industrial setting.  A provider can make their solution visible both at the global marketplace and selected local marketplaces. 

Local marketplaces cater for the needs of local Buyers, including residential, industrial and commercial customers. Providers registered in a local marketplace typically focus on that specific geographic market only. The local marketplaces also have several Providers that offer consulting and energy project management services. In addition, providers registered in the global marketplace can have their solution listed in a local marketplace under DirectPartner -label. 

Buyer is a commercial or industrial customer who has an energy problem needing a solution. Providers are of two different kinds: technical providers (energy technology companies and project developers) and financial providers (banks, leasing financing companies, infrastructure funds and other financing parties interested in the energy market). Financial Providers will access the financing applications via Action Energy Finance Market -service that launches in the Fall of 2023.  

When a Buyer is looking for a solution to an energy problem, they first need to create an offer request which describes the project needs. The offer request includes all the relevant information that Providers need in order to make Buyers a quality offer. An offer request is created with a wizard. Read more here about the offer request creation.

We estimate it take about 0.5-1 months from the moment the Buyer starts drafting the offer request. If the Buyer decides to request financing offers for the chosen technical solution, add one month to the process duration. 

Pricing depends on the type of user (Buyer vs. Provider) and the duration of subscription (monthly charge vs. pre-paid packages). Pre-paid packages offer up to 60% discount on monthly subscription. AEM platform uses Stripe for payments which enables the use of all major credit cards, online banks and other payment providers in a particular country. Read more about our pricing here

Our aim is to make energy project buying easier and also to substantially lower energy project financing costs by digitalising the buying process. Industrial companies, smart cities, energy companies and property managers have a need to support their stakeholders to implement energy improvement projects. There are very few tools that are currently on the market to help in this work. 

We currently run the global AEM market and one local Action Energy Market in Finland. We are soon launching additional local markets. If you are interested in co-operation with us in your home market, contact us directly. 

Yes. Once the Buyer has found a match with a provider, the Buyer can post a financing request on the Action Energy Finance Market (AEFM). Some of the technical providers may also include a financing solution as part of their technical offer. Buyers can interact with the financing entities over the AEM platform and will receive a financing offer directly to their customer account.

AEFM will go live in the fall of 2023. We are starting with a pilot on green loan applications with Danske Bank. If you are an investor interested in joining AEFM, contact us directly.